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A Guide to Basement Waterproofing

Making basements is a trend nowadays and is considered an essential place to live. As it ends an additional living space, storage as well as utility areas. However, it also comes with lots of frustration to the homeowners especially when it comes to water leakage or water damage. There are many possibilities that the water could enter through the pores or the cracks in the foundation of the walls and it
can cause you a lot of structural damage. Now for that, we are introducing you to basement waterproofing. Well, it is a process of
protecting your basement from water damage and sealing. There are many methods to be used for basement waterproofing and each has its own benefit. Being the basement waterproofing subcontractor we take care of every need of our customers so, that we can provide reliable service to you and your basement remains the same.

Major causes of the basement moisture.

There are various factors that could be considered for the basement moisture that causes water damage and water seepage. You can have a look at them so, that you can work on it. 
Hydrostatic Pressure :
Water seepage could be considered as the key factor causing moisture to the basements causing cracks in the foundation of the walls. This might happen due to a poor drainage system. 
 Improper drainage or the soil system. 
Inadequate drainage or the soil system could be a common cause of the occurring moisture around the basements. As if there is any leakage in the drainage system it can destroy your basements and the structure.
 If the gutters are maintained or installed inappropriately:

 If you didn’t take care of your basements or they are poorly installed then it can contribute a big part in basement moisture. If the gutters are overflowing or the functions are not performing properly then the water can be overflowed which leads to serious water damage.  

 Condensation happens when there is warm, humid air comes into cooler spaces and surfaces and it plays an important role in basement moisture. 
 Cracks in the basement. 
 Due to improper management or silly mistakes of the making, there are chances of the cracks in the basement which create moisture. As the water can accumulate and seep directly into the basement and cause major damage.
Methods to use for the basement waterproofing.
We use different methods for basement waterproofing. It totally depends on the needs of the client and the condition of the basement. We are determined to give our best service.
Interior sealants.
In interior sealant waterproofing, there is a method of applying sealants to the interior of the basement. Being a basement waterproofing subcontractor we understand that could be poor water drainage that causes mildew growth or water damage. But through this technique, you can save your walls as it will create a barrier that will prevent water from seeping inside the walls.
Exterior waterproofing in basements.
In exterior waterproofing, we applied a coat of membrane outside of the walls. To prevent the structural integrity and preserve them from damage it is an effective method. It could be a cost-effective method as it requires excavation around the foundation. As this method is the most reliable and long-lasting as it needs a lot of other repairs once the waterproofing is completed.
Interior waterproofing of the basements.
In interior waterproofing, we direct water that enters the basements because of the poor drainage systems or the walls. So, through the interior waterproofing technique it can be pumped out of the basement. Being the basement waterproofing subcontractor we keep a check that the basement remains waterproof inside and outside and the structure of the building remains strong.