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In the commercial roofing market, there is different types of coating are available. The difference is the formulation, uses, applications as well and methods are totally different. Usually, we go through all the needs and requirements of the client and create a chart sheet to know which material is suitable for the roof coating. There are four roofs we are providing that are silicone, acrylic, an asphaltic rubber membrane system, and polyurethane. As every roof needs a different coating. And we prepare for it after knowing about the procedure to use and all the other requirements and factors.

Type of the roof coating. 

Formation of the roof coating offers a wide range of surface protection that includes asphalt, metal, galvanized material, and others. It enhances the exterior of the home as well as gives protection to your house and building from UV rays. Also, it gives protection and offers a cooler and comfortable place to live. Now let’s look at the type of roof coating that we are offering.     Acrylic coating:

 These are specially designed to provide ultraviolet protection for sprayed urethane foam applications. These types of coatings are generally used on a variety of roof membrane surfaces that include single-ply membranes and metal systems. Acrylic-based materials provide excellent resistance to radiation and hail damage and have the inherent flexibility required to withstand the dimensional instability of most roof membrane surfaces. Also, some of the research has found that proper use of the formulated acrylic coatings can reduce surface temperature as much as 20 degrees F when exposed to direct sunlight at 85 degrees F.

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Asphalt coatings.
The material used for the Asphalt coating is a strong material that offers an extra level of roofing protection that is not required by most rooftops. So, if you are one who needs to give extra protection to your rooftops then you should opt for Asphalt coating. These are waterproof and weather-resistant coatings. As well as they are also prepared by using polyester fibers. Hence this would be an ideal choice for the people who live in hilly or rainy areas. As it will provide high durability.

Elastomeric coatings.
Because of their resilient nature, except for protecting against UV rays, these are highly preferable for all weather conditions. These roof coatings are the most affordable as well. And if it is combined with the other roof coatings this offers more durability, resilient to water and humidity, and stays longer. Polyurethane coating. This coating has two types and those are mentioned as follows. 

 ● Aliphatic coating or the topcoat: If you decide to apply this coating to your house then it will provide you a high degree of UV protection. Hence this is preferable mostly for that house whose sun’s temperatures constantly remain high.

● Aromatic coating or the basecoat: This coating provides less protection from UV rays. But these are really flexible and provide greater resilience. And highly recommended to those who constantly experience the change in the weather.

Bituminous coating.
These coatings are specialized in the formulation of the vapor and provide flexible protection against the coating. Hence it will help in protecting the roofs from the vapour and water via polymer grade.
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