Highly Trained Substructure Waterproofing Subcontractor Dubai UAE

   A trained Substructure waterproofing subcontractor 

To keep your homes safe and durable it is important for you to go for waterproofing. Whether is a commercial building or a residential this thing is essential for all and could be done easily. The waterproofing will help you to survive it every weather as you do not have to take tension if there is a lot of rain in your locality. Your building will remain fit and durable.

We are one of the best Substructure waterproofing subcontractors in the UAE. substructure waterproofing is one of the best yet essential waterproofing. It is a flexible coating that is moisture-insensitive as well as it seals the surface helping to prevent the penetration of the water. This is a method that needs a lot of attention and should be worked in a safe and controlled manner as well as it requires skilled labour to complete all the work.

As a Substructure waterproofing subcontractor we assure you that give constant monitoring and supervision at the time of the waterproofing. And if there is any irregularity then it will be measured immediately and we will take immediate action.

Advantages of the substructure waterproofing.

Substructure waterproofing is one of the best waterproofing that needs a lot of attention while it's done but when it's done it has a great impact on the building. Let’s check out the main advantages of substructure waterproofing.

 Substructure waterproofing has dual bond technology that includes the mechanical and adhesive bond.

●     It has tested leakage protection.

●     It gives you excellent crack bridging.

●     It has the efficiency of a high material and only a 55mm joint can overlap.

●      Definitely, it is suitable for high-pressure cleaning.

●     It has the feature of simple handling because of the low roll weight.

●     It gives you protection against radon gas because of the effective diffusion barrier.  

Procedure of the substructure waterproofing.

The Substructure waterproofing subcontractor needs to be very careful while applying the method of this waterproofing. There are various layers of waterproofing that need to be completed that are mentioned have a look at them.  

Pile head surface preparation.

●     We break the weak concrete layer of the pile head’s top face until it reaches to the solid concrete.

●     Then we need to wire brush the surface of the concrete in order to remove the concrete laitance.

●     Then we cleaned the pile head’s top face using clear portable water.

Pile head treatment.

●     he pile head needs to be repaired by using high-strength non-shrink cementitious grout.

●     Now the double layer needs to extend to 4mm through the pile head sides and the top faces to the reinforcement of the bars limit.

●     Now we sealed the top face and the side of the pile by casting of high strength epoxy grout 30mm thick.  

Horizontal surface over the concrete blinding.

Concrete blinding needs to be dry, clean, and smoothly finished as well as cracks Also the thickness should be a minimum of 100mm.  


It is important for us to prime the concrete surface by using the solvent-bituminous primer conforming to ASTM D-41 which should be left for drying for at least 2-4 hours or it totally depending on the type of weather condition.  

Waterproofing the membrane:

For the waterproofing, we install the double layer of 4mm thick then unroll and position the membrane. Now there would be the heating of the underside of the membrane until it met completely and then again unrolling the membrane continuously. We will repeat this procedure until the second half of the roll and the membrane shall be torch-applied as well. This procedure is essential to make the building durable.