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In the field of building insulation and waterproofing Rbe Insulation Contracting LLC is here to cater to all the emerging demands. We are one of the biggest companies in Dubai that is here to give you the best waterproofing solution that will secure your building forever. As you know we are the waterproofing expertise we have the innovation, equipment & technical expertise necessary to undertake projects in this region Basically waterproofing is a procedure of putting a barrier on the surface of the buildings, at the roofs, and every other structural member of the building so, that it can prevent your building from water penetrations. As per the research, waterproofing can cost only 1% of a building's construction but if it gets ignored then it can be responsible for 80% of the damage. Therefore, you need to have the correct waterproofing technique and for that, we are here. We will discuss all of your needs and finalize the one which is suitable for you.

About Us

RBE Water Proofing & Insulation is a professionally managed concern catering to the burgeoning demand in the U.A.E. market for the reliable service and consultancy in the field of building insulation & a member of RBE Group of Companies. Our quality of work & expertise has allowed us to become one of the best in the business & we are continually upgrading our services to meet the increasing demands of the clients. As your waterproofing specialists we have the innovation, equipment & technical expertise necessary to undertake projects in this region. Many of the systems and techniques used by our company are backed up by years of experience in this field, and mainly with the team of well experienced and knowledgeable workmen to provide the best job possible.

Waterproof your buildings and make it long-lasting

Types of waterproofing. Before going for the waterproofing it is important for you to know about the types of the waterproofing. And those are mentioned you can have a look at them.

cementitious waterproofing.

Cementitious waterproofing is the easiest and the finest waterproofing material to use. The suppliers have the products ready like MCT, UAE which can be easily mixed and applied. This waterproofing is seamless and breathable waterproofing which is used for the negative and the positive side of the waterproofing on concrete and masonry surfaces. These cementation systems are also applied over sprays throughout the polyurethane thermal insulation as a secured layer as they can also possess a high resistance to UV rays.

Bituminous Coating waterproofing.

Bituminous coating can also be called the asphalt coating. These coatings are used for the flexible protective coat and waterproofing as per their formulation and polymerization grade. A common application of this coating is that it is beneath the screed wet.

Polyurethane Membrane Waterproofing.

This method of Polyurethane waterproofing is a liquid membrane method that is used for the flat roof area and exposed to weathering. However, these kinds of waterproofing materials are very sensitive to the moisture content present.

This means that before applying it is mandatory to be extra careful in evaluating the moisture content of the concrete slab. Otherwise, it can cause the de-bonding of the membrane after a few years.

Liquid waterproofing membrane procedure.

As the name suggests liquid waterproofing is a thin coating that mainly consists of the primer coat as well as the two coats of the the topcoats. Which is usually applied with the spray, roller, or trowel. Other than the cementations type of waterproofing it offers more flexibility.

Why choose us?

Robe Insulation Contracting LLC is the best and most emerging Waterproofing companies in Dubai. Who is doing best to cater to the burgeoning needs and demands in the market of the UAE. We provide a reliable service and consultancy in the field of building insulation and waterproofing.

We are providing the best quality and expertise in our field which makes us one of the best in this business. We are continuously trying to upgrade ourselves so, that we can meet all the increasing demands of our clients. We have a team of well-experienced and expert workers who have experience in this field for years. Which implies that they have the best technology for work? Who are working 24/7 so, that the customers can get all the services?

Our Aim

We are determined toward our goals we have the priority to cater the best service to our customers. Our main goal is to satisfy the customer through all aspects as well as we want to grow ourselves and our country in every aspect.

  • While providing the service we make sure that we cater to the needs, requirements, and expectations of our customers and make them satisfied in a budget-friendly way.
  • We aspire to complete every project on them, in a cost-effective way so, that our clients do not have any complaints.
  • We have a dream to be known as an efficient, reliable, and service-minded company.
  • We want to do the best industry practices and strive for excellence through total continuous improvement and innovation
  • We would like to minimize the impact on the environment and provide experts and knowledgeable engineering to our customers
  • To provide services that will address and satisfy our customer>s needs, requirements and expectations in a cost effective way
  • Completion of projects to customers in time, on budget and to their satisfaction.
  • To be known as a reliable, efficient and service minded company
  • To employ the best industry practice and strive for excellence through total continuous improvement and innovation
  • To minimize the impact on environment and provide Value Engineering for our customers.

Our Policy

Our Greatest Asset-Our People From the very beginning, we set stringent measures for recruiting and cultivating new talent to ensure our clients only deal with the highest quality and most qualified professionals throughout their experience working with. We also invest a vast amount of resources in training our people to became more knowledgeable about their respective fields, which ultimately, leaders to superior service, efficient finances and timely delivery Quality Policy - Quality is the best business plan To install quality waterproofing and insulation system for buildings ensuring performace stipulated guarantee period. We are committed continuously to improve the quality management system through innovative approach planning and teamwork.

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It might be possible that if you have questions for us regarding the waterproofing or the building insulation then you can contact us anytime. Our agents are here to help you with your every problem. They are determined and they have all the information regarding the products and services we are providing. You can contact us by phone call or email us we will tell you everything about the services.


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