Health, Safety & Environment Protection Plan

Health, Safety & Environment Protection Plan


  • RBE Water Proffing & Insulation takes the responsibility to protect the health and safety of its employees and that of its sub-contractor‛s employees engaged by the organization.
  • RBE Water Proffing & Installation takes the responsibility to protect the environment around it while its activities are on-going.
  • RBE Water Proffing & Installation takes the responsibility to timely service and maintain all its plants and equipment for safe operation.
  • RBE Water Proffing & Installation takes the responsibility to function in compliance with the laws and statutes of the UAE

   General Guidelines to all employees:

  • Strict disciplinary action will be taken against employees found violating below given instruction.
  • Do not use defective tools or equipment.
  • Never leave power tools with connections to power source.
  • All tools and equipment to be used with their respective guards and safety devices in place.
  • Never operate tools that aren>t assigned to you.
  • Use always the right tool for the right purpose.
  • Neever indulge in unsafe working condition.
  • Use eye protection whenever there is a risk of flying objects.
  • Use ear protection while working in noisy condition.
  • Use face mask while undertaking spray applications.
  • Never wear loose cloths.
  • Always wear hard-hat and shoes while working at site.
  • Wear hand gloves while using hammering equipment and chemicals.
  • Never stand near falling weights and aisles.
  • Never store materials in aisles.
  • Never work under intoxication.
  • Never try to stop moving objects with sharp edges using bear hands.
  • Never stand on moving equipment.
  • Never use compressed air to clean your body parts.
  • Make sure of good house keeping.
  • Report all injuries immediately to superiors.
  • Know where to locate the first aid in the event of an emergency

   Points for good housekeeping:

  • Keep the working area free of loosely lying tools and equipment
  • All spillages should be effectivly cleaned to avoid any slippery effet
  • A safe storage area to be demarcated and secured prior to arrival of materials to work site.
  • All required materials for smooth execution of the works to be neatly stockpilled for easy access..
  • Assign responsibilities to individuals depending on the size of the job, for issue of materials from the storage area.
  • Provide trash cans at sites to collect and dispose wastes that accumulates on a daily basis.