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While constructing a house or a building making it waterproof is the most essential thing to do. As the waterproofing makes the house long-lasting otherwise the molds and the mildew will make it worse and worse. SBS waterproofing is described as Styrene-butadiene-styrene which is known as the family of synthetic rubber derived from styrene and butadiene. This SBS membrane waterproofing is a thermoplastic elastomeric and if it is blended with the bitumen then it has excellent abrasion resistance and aging stability. Which makes it the perfect bitumen modifier to achieve cold flexibility and elastic properties. This is the most flexible material and it has the capacity to retain its shape even after being stretched. It is mainly used for roofing, coating, and waterproofing. We are providing you with the service of SBS membrane waterproofing. And in Dubai, we are providing our services for so long which makes us the most reliable company in UAE.

Advantages of the SBS membrane waterproofing

SBS membrane waterproofing comes with a lot of advantages. Which makes it more reliable and durable for waterproofing. Let's check out the rest of the features as mentioned below.  ● SBS membrane waterproofing is compatible with all types of flat roofing applications as well and it is used for the waterproofing of car park decks, bridge decks, and green roofs. 

 ● These membranes are resistant to most extreme weather including high temperature to low temperatures such as rain, snow, and the freeze-thaw process.

 ● The life expectancy of the SBS membrane waterproofing is reliable and remarkable. This has the feature that even after it retains its pliability and elasticity which makes it the ideal flat roof solution. 

 ● It enables the waterproof system to accommodate building movement as the dimensional stability that is provided is of high quality and if it is mixed with the SBS bitumen then it will give the high-performance reinforcement. 

 ●There is an enormous method of installation mechanically fixed, torch applied, and adhered which depends on the specification and sustainability. 

 ● The building owners will achieve the piece of mind and security through the installation of a robust, multilayer, built-up felt SBS-modified bituminous waterproofing system.

 ● It also has Excellent adhesion to the substrate on a flat roof installation. 

 ● The highest quality of the SBS membrane waterproofing is when it reaches the end of the service life. A single layer can be overlaid at the top of the existing material and in can be extended into its new form and its longevity can be increased. .

Field of application.

The SBS membrane waterproofing is mainly used in curtain walls, foundations, and projects with high tensile requirements, basement walls, balconies, terrace roofs, inclined roofs, water tanks, manmade ponds, retaining walls, concrete channels as well as bathrooms and any wet surfaces. As well as This is helpful as this increases the durability and the life of the surface. And if it gets ignored then you might have to spend a lot on the construction of the building so, choose your service wisely.


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We are providing you the SBS membrane waterproofing through our best services. We are just a phone call away. You can contact us and ask about any information that is needed from you. Our experts will explain to you about it and give an overview of the product. You can easily get your homes secure and durable. Waterproofing is one of the necessary aspects nowadays and which should not be ignored. If you avail of this service at the time of construction then it would be more beneficial as you will get more durability.